EOA Showhouse - EOA Showhouse (unbuilt) - an African contempo

Aura Showhouse - Aura Showhouse - the first of two showhouses

Courtyard House - Courtyard House - the open-air Moroccan-inspi

Hudson Showhouse - Hudson Showhouse - the second showhouse being

Modern Contemporary House - Modern Contemporary - framed between two off-

House / Studio Additions - House / Studio Additions - extensive alterati

Corner House - Corner House - this compact house at the Eye

Split Level House - Split Level House - what appears from the str

Stoep House - Stoep House - a modern interpretation of a si

Elegant Simplicity - Elegant Simplicity - a constrained palette of

Modern Farmhouse - Modern Farmhouse - through a simple but elega

Studio Loft Addition - Greenside Studio Loft - an existing sing