New Harvest Church - 800 seat auditorium, administration and offices, with a second phase expansion of two flanking multi-purpose ancillary halls, for New Harvest Christian Fellowship, Harveston
* In association with Graeme Sparrow, Architect
Paradigm Architects designed and built an 800-seat auditorium to house a small church in Harveston.  The building was specifically conceived to be phased and expanded over a number of years with specific attention given to the growth and needs of the congregation. The 1st phase included the main auditorium, foyer, kitchen, parent’s room and attendant offices. The 2nd phase included for children’s classrooms flanking the man entrance—designed in a way that the church service wouldn’t be interrupted during the building of these rooms. The construction method allows for an easily expandable auditorium in the years to come, again with a minimum of interference with the daily workings of the church.